Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where do I start?

I believe in the chance, the possibility of recovery from ME. I always have. Procrastination is not something I do. The confusing mixture of symptoms, different for every suffer, will always baffle doctors I am sure. We have to realise that tonsillitis may be easily recognised as may the hacking discomfort of whooping cough, but everyone feels, sees and experiences the same symptoms differently. Any Doctor may say that one ear infection is much like the other, but I had ear infections that would find me toppling over with uncontrollable dizziness and sensitised by any noise above a whisper and my friend would have the same infection and go to school, run around the play ground at lunchtime and skip gladly home ready for another dose of antibiotics. ME affects each sufferer in a different way, is caused by many different infections and physical traumas and therefore presents with a mind boggling array of different major irritations and disabling effects. For this reason some sufferers will read this blog and think " I so know where you are coming from!" others will respond with " you what? That's not my ME!" I would like to give an insight to those who may know an ME patient, but don't fully see the consequences of the resulting symptoms. Also give hope to those who are in a similar situation to mine. I believe I am a positive and pragmatic sufferer, someone who has this illness and lives a happy and accepting life. We can battle together to find the table of peace and understanding, so that we may become friends with this illness; and eventually tell it to find a different place to stay.

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